Question: How do you call a girl in Polish?

What does Kulva mean in Polish?

1. kurwa (prostytutka): kurwa. whore.

How do you say I like you in Polish?

I love you. Kocham cię z całego serca.

What does Busia mean?

Across our American Polonia, one of the most widely held notions is that “busia” (sometimes spelled “busha”) is the Polish word for grandma.

What is the meaning of Dupa?

vulgar. arse {noun} [Brit.] [vulg.] dupa (also: tyłek, dupsko, dupka) ass {noun} [Amer.]

How do u say goodnight in Polish?

goodnight {interjection} dobranoc {interj.}

What are Polish grandmas called?

Babcia Polish: Babcia, Babciu, Babunia, Babula, and Babusia are all variations of Polish names for grandmother.

What is dupa Yash?

Dupa yash-Polish for dumb a _ _. fun intended term for someone doing something dumb. Were all human and capable of knowing/being one. Face it, were surrounded and there is no limit, what market potential !

What are Polish swear words?

Chuj – dick, prick, etc. Like others, this one also can form more metaphorical phrases. Jebać – to fuck, but also, depending on the context to beat or to stink. Considered as mildly offensive, especially in its adjective form zajebisty, which means something rather different (cool, jazzy, etc.).

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