Question: Why is Classic FM off air?

Digital radio listeners lost commercial radio stations including Classic FM when they went off air across the country yesterday because of technical problems. All three main national commercial stations – Classic FM, TalkSport and Absolute Radio – were among the stations lost to DAB listeners.

What is happening to Classic FM?

Classic FM general manager Lance Rothschild says the decision to change things up is based on the stations inability to sustain itself financially due to low listenership and a lack of advertisers. “We have to be mindful of the commercial realities of our business environment,” he said.

Who is the DJ on Classic FM now?

Alexander Armstrong takes over from John Suchet, who goes on to host a new weekday evening concert programme on Classic FM. Alexander Armstrong, one of the nations best-loved presenters and broadcasters, will be the new host of Classic FMs flagship weekday programme.

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