Question: Is Katherine Jenkins a mother?

The opera star is a mum to two young children Its a big day in Katherine Jenkins household! The opera stars youngest child, son Xander, is celebrating his second birthday, and to mark the occasion, Katherine took to Instagram to share a very rare snapshot of her little boy.

Who Is Katherine Jenkins father?

Selwyn John Jenkins Katherine Jenkins/Fathers Early life. Katherine Maria Jenkins was born in Neath on 29 June 1980, the daughter of Selwyn John and Susan. She has a sister named Laura. She attended the Church in Wales Alderman Davies primary school in Neath, Dwr-y-Felin Comprehensive School, and Gorseinon College.

Who are Katherine Jenkins parents?

Selwyn John Jenkins Susan Jenkins Katherine Jenkins/Parents

Who did Katherine Jenkins marry?

Andrew Levitasm. 2014 Katherine Jenkins/Spouse

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