Question: Is there romance in Seinfeld?

There were multiple romantic relationships in Seinfeld and while some of them could have worked out, others just didnt make any sense. All of these ended in disaster, while some of the characters were compatible enough to be a couple but never got to making it official.

Does Seinfeld love Elaine?

Elaine starts to confess her love to Jerry, but before she can finish her sentence, the plane straightens back out. It was a cruel thing for the series to do to fans in the finale, but it implied that Jerry and Elaine were still in love after all that time.

Who does Seinfeld end up with?

However, by the end of the episode the two decide to be a couple again. Subsequent episodes show them as comfortably in the role of friends, and Seinfeld creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld later admitted that they simply forgot that The Deal ended with Jerry and Elaine as a couple.

Is George Costanza based on Larry David?

George Louis Costanza is a fictional character in the American television sitcom Seinfeld (1989–1998), played by Jason Alexander. The character was originally based on Seinfeld co-creator Larry David but is surnamed after Jerry Seinfelds real-life New York friend, Michael Costanza.

How much is Kramer worth?

Michael Richards is best known for his role as Cosmo Kramer on the television sitcom “Seinfeld” from the 1990s .His early years.Net Worth$45 MillionBirth DateJuly 24, 1949Source of WealthActor, Writer, Television Producer, ComedianCountryUnited States3 more rows

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