Question: How did I get syphilis without being sexually active?

You dont have to have sexual intercourse to get syphilis. Just being in close contact with an infected persons genitals, mouth, or rectum is enough to expose you to the infection.

Can syphilis be contracted non sexually?

Syphilis is a chronic infectious disease caused by the spirochaete Treponema pallidum. Syphilis is usually transmitted by sexual contact or from mother to infant, although endemic syphilis is transmitted by non-sexual contact in communities living under poor hygiene conditions.

How does syphilis start in the first place?

The first sign of syphilis is a small sore, called a chancre (SHANG-kur). The sore appears at the spot where the bacteria entered your body. While most people infected with syphilis develop only one chancre, some people develop several of them. The chancre usually develops about three weeks after exposure.

Can you have syphilis if youre a virgin?

Someone who identifies as a virgin may mean that they have not have penis-in-vagina sex, but have had oral or anal sex. That means they could have an STI. Even if theyve only kissed before, they could have acquired an STI like herpes or rarely syphilis.

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