Question: What engine is in the Clio 182?

Does Clio 182 have a turbo?

A complete turbo kit for your Clio Sport 172 / 182. This conversion works with a good OEM Engine and clutch*, so you have all the usual attributes of your clio sport, but increased power and torque. Works with the vehicles factory catalyst*, but a sports cat / decat can be fitted.

Whats the difference between a Clio 172 and 182?

Visual differences included a lower road stance from the stiffer suspension plus a revamped front splitter and rear spoiler. “The cars are getting on now, and have had multiple owners. Some have had track day smashes, been patched up and passed on to unsuspecting buyers.” In 2004, the 178bhp 182 replaced the 172.

Is the Clio 182 a good car?

Push the Clio 182 hard, and you will soon see its a force to be reckoned with. It still offers a heady mix of performance and balance that can shame many a proper sports car - yet at the same time its as useful as any standard Clio hatchback when it comes to getting the shopping in.

How much is Renault Clio in South Africa?

OffersModelInstallmentTotal CostRenault Clio Expression 66kW TurboR3 399R331 674Renault Clio Dynamique 66kW TurboR3 699R355 270Renault Clio Expression EDC 88kW TurboR3 999R385 922New Clio R.S 18R6 399R614 6131 more row

Is a Clio 182 fast?

In some ways its the perfect real-world petrolhead car. Its quick (0-62mph in 6.6sec), torquey, brilliantly chuckable, addictively interactive, cheap to run, able to carry four plus luggage… and you can pick one up for as little as £2500.

Are Clio 172 reliable?

They are very reliable and cheap cars but if neglected they can become costly.

What Clio 172?

Capable of sprinting from 0-60mph in only 6.8 seconds, the 172 Cup is the fastest four-seat car available for less than £20,000. Weighing in at only 1,021kg, the Clio offers 168bhp per ton. Firstly, the cars footprint on the road has been increased, with wider axles front and rear.

Are Renault engines reliable?

Renault are pretty dependable. In the Telegraph reliability survey of 2017 they placed Renault 14th out of 20 for dependability. AutoExpress placed Renault 11th in their reliability table, with a reliability score of 93.72 out of 100.

Which is the cheapest car in Renault?

Kwid Renault car price starts at Rs 4.07 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Kwid and the price of most expensive model, which is Duster starts at Rs 9.84 Lakh.

What BHP is a Clio 182?

PerformancePower182 bhpTop Speed139 mph0-60 mph6.9 secsTorque200 Nm, 148 ft-lbCO2 Emissions194 g/km2 more rows

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