Question: Did anyone on Take Me Out stay together?

Robyn and Stuart Smith met on the show in 2013 and are now married. In 2013 they took the trip to Fernandos together and then four years later, in 2017, they tied the knot. Guests invited to the wedding included another of the Take Me Out success stories – married couple Gemma and Gavin.

Has anyone got married off Take Me Out?

Id never had a boyfriend - now Ive got a handsome husband and a beautiful little monkey Office PA Robyn Utton, 32, met IT trainer Stuart Smith, 31, on Take Me Out series five in 2013. Theyre now married with an 11-month-old son, Dylan, and live in Somerset.

How many people have gotten married from Take Me Out?

On 10 February 2020, ITV announced that the show was axed after eleven series. Eight couples who met on the show subsequently got married and six babies were born to contestants who met on the show.

Which couples from Take Me Out are still together?

Gemma Gordon and Gavin Ellis These two met on the seventh series of Take Me Out and have since married and had their first child.

Will Take Me Out come back?

It is inexplicable, but true. Take Me Out is dead. After 10 years, ITV has announced that no more episodes will be made, with a source telling the Sun that “ITV and Paddy have done all the specials you can eke out of a dating show, so its been decided its time for it to go”.

How long do the couples stay in Fernandos?

The couples get separated straight away The women contestants dont get to spend any time with their dates until they get to Fernandos and instead have to wait two days to be reunited with their beau.

When was Take Me Out Cancelled?

December 28, 2019 Take Me Out/Final episode date

Why do they call it Fernandos on Take Me Out?

In case you have been living in a dreamworld, youll know that the Isle of Fernandos is Take Me Outs name for Tenerife. Jade explained that after being separated from her date, Ollie, the girls who were successful boarded an EasyJet flight together for a two night stay on the Spanish island.

Where do couples go on Take Me Out?

Take Me Out fans will be excited to hear the island does exist - but its not actually called Fernandos. Its located on Tenerifes northern coast in Puerto de la Cruz.

Did Take Me Out get Cancelled?

Its been 11 years since we first stepped foot on the Isle of Fernandos, but now its time for Take Me Out to turn out the light. The dating show, hosted by Paddy McGuinness, has been cancelled by ITV after more than 100 episodes.

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