Question: Who did Lauren Conrad have a baby with?

Lauren Conrad is a mom again! The lifestyle guru and former The Hills star, 33, welcomed her second child — a baby boy — with husband William Tell on Tuesday, Oct. 8, she announced Wednesday on Instagram.

Did Lauren Conrad have another baby?

Lauren welcomed her second son, Charlie, in October 2019 — two years after her first son, Liam, was born. Shortly after welcoming Liam, The Hills alum thought she only wanted two kids.

Did Lauren Conrad have kids?

Charlie Wolf Tell Liam James Tell Lauren Conrad/Children

How old was Lauren Conrad when she had her baby?

Celebrity Babies of 2019: See Which Stars Gave Birth The Hills alum, 33, announced in April that she was pregnant. “Its been hard to keep this one to myself!” she captioned an Instagram upload at the time. “Very excited to share that our family will be getting a little bigger this year.”

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