Question: What is considered rude in Korea?

In Korea this is seen as very important in terms of receiving and giving. Using one hand (especially if its with your left hand) is considered to be rude so try and get in a habit of always using both hands to give or receive things.

What is considered inappropriate in Korea?

It is considered inappropriate for adults to eat while walking, so street food is often eaten on the spot where it is bought. Food should not be eaten with ones fingers. Spoons are used to eat soup, but chopsticks are used for everything else. Do not blow your nose at the dinner table.

What is considered polite in Korea?

It is polite to pass or accept food or drink with your right hand while your left hand supports your forearm/wrist. The person who invites pays the bill for everyone. However, it is polite to offer to pay. When two people are dining, usually the younger person pays for the older person.

Why is there no tipping in South Korea?

Tipping is not a custom in South Korea as most people believe that providing a good service should be standard and therefor one should not be expecting to get a tip. Nowadays with all the foreign visitors, some staff are used to receiving a small tip and will be grateful for your gratuity.

Is it OK to wear Korean fashion?

Anyone — regardless of body shape — can rock Korean fashion. Thats what makes fashion such a personal thing. You and your friend can wear identical clothes and it wont look the same because youll likely wear it differently. The same top styled in different ways.

Why are shoulders taboo in Korea?

Clothing which expose your shoulders (girls only) In Korean society girls who wear clothing which expose their shoulder blades are considered too sexual or too revealing, more so than girls who wear super short mini-skirts.

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