Question: Is Seagull a good guitar brand?

Are Seagull Guitars Any Good? Yes, Seagull Guitars are good. In fact, they have been around for 37 years already and is considered to be one of the best guitar-makers in the industry. Its a sub-brand of Godin Guitars, which was founded by Robert Godin in 1982.

Why are Seagull guitars so good?

The guitars of Seagull brand are one of the best guitars of 2021 due to their incredible sound quality and long-lasting natural wood makeup. Also, Seagull guitar brand offers different types of guitars from acoustic to electric varying in prices.

Do Seagull guitars have wide necks?

Wide guitar necks are defined as those whose diameter at the nut is around 1 and 7/8” / 47.6 mm. The main manufacturer of wide-neck guitars is Seagull; they really own the market in this category. There are a few outliers, but Seagull is where youll find the most options for wide-neck guitars.

Which guitars have the widest necks?

Top 10 Wide Neck Acoustic GuitarsSeagull S-6 Original.Seagull Artist Mosaic.Seagull Coastline Momentum HG Acoustic-Electric.Seagull Performer CW Concert Hall Burnt Umber QIT Acoustic-Electric.Takamine EF740FS TT Thermal Top Acoustic-Electric.Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar.Cordoba C4-CE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar.More items •Apr 23, 2018

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