Question: What does giving a girl butterflies mean?

Give someone butterflies mean giving/causing overwhelming excitement when you see someone you like/love. Ex: Hes always giving me butterflies when he smiles at me.

What does it mean when someone gives you butterflies?

To have butterflies or have butterflies in your stomach means you have a nervous feeling in your stomach. The expression can also be used with get as in get butterflies. Below are some examples of how this expression is used. Before his big speech he had butterflies in his stomach.

How do you give a girl butterflies?

15 Things That Gave You Butterflies When You Were a VirginMaking Out When Your Parents Were Right Downstairs. Dry Humping. Being Smooshed Together in a Crowded Car with Your Crush. Rushed, Flirtatious Conversations During Passing Period. Being Randomly Partnered Up with Your Crush for a Class Project.More items •18 Mar 2015

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