Question: What can kids do in Durban?

What do children do for fun in South Africa?

Sport is very big here and almost all children take part in organised sport like rugby, cricket, soccer, swimming, or athletics as part of their schooling.

What do South Africans eat for kids?

Here are 5 traditional South African foods that kids will love:Braaibroodjie. (Translation: Little toasted sandwiches made on the barbeque) Mealie Pap. (Translation: traditional porridge made from maize) Koeksisters. (Translation: Twisted sister cakes) Boerewors. (Translation: Farmers traditional sausage) Milk Tart.Mar 23, 2017

What should I pack for Durban vacation?

WHAT TO PACK:Swimming costumes are essential as you are sure to spend plenty of time on the beautiful beaches.A hat and protective sunglasses.Shorts, skirts, tops, t-shirts, and summer dresses that are cool and comfortable.Comfortable walking shoes.An umbrella or light raincoat.More items

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