Question: Which is the leading charity for people with autism in the UK?

The Autism Alliance is the major network of specialist autism charities in the UK. With national coverage from our member organisations we ensure the voice of autistic people and their families is heard.

What is the mildest type of autism?

Aspergers syndrome. This is on the milder end of the autism spectrum. A person with Aspergers may be very intelligent and able to handle their daily life. They may be really focused on topics that interest them and discuss them nonstop. But they have a much harder time socially.

What Does Autism Speaks do with the money?

Very little money donated to Autism Speaks goes toward helping autistic people and families. Only 1% of Autism Speaks budget goes towards the “Family Service” grants that are the organizations means of funding services. Autism Speaks spends 20x as much—20%—on fundraising.

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