Question: Can twins date other twins?

It might sound crazy to some people (maybe even taboo to others), but a pair of identical twins marrying identical twins is called a quaternary marriage. Although rare, they do happen. Unsurprisingly, these couples may even go on to have identical twins of their own.

Can twins tell other twins apart?

With distinctive features—eye color, hair color, facial features, body size, or head shape—fraternal twins are usually pretty easy to tell apart. For boy/girl twins, that only requires a quick check of the diaper area to confirm. On the other hand, monozygotic twins arent called identical twins without reason.

What happens if identical twins have babies with identical twins?

Identical twins share very similar DNA. This means that the babies will legally be cousins, but genetically, theyll be closer to siblings.

Which parent determines twins?

For a given pregnancy, the odds of conceiving fraternal twins are only determined by the mothers genetics, not the fathers. Fraternal twins happen when two eggs are simultaneously fertilised instead of just one.

How do you tell apart twins?

Use Physical Variations Look hard enough and youll find subtle physical variations in twins. Birthmarks, freckles, or moles appear in different spots. Mirror image twins may have hair whorls or cowlicks that spiral in different directions. Idgey is an identical twin.

Did the twins marry twins have babies?

TLCs show Extreme Sisters follows five duos who have close bonds with their siblings. One duo, Brittany and Briana, are identical twins and married identical twin brothers. They also had babies within four months of each other, who are genetically siblings.

Can I have twins if my husbands family has twins?

If the twins are present on your husbands/partners side, it wont influence your chances of having twins. Remember, the gene for hyperovulation is only a factor for the mother. If your mother (or your grandmother or aunt) was or had fraternal twins, you might have the gene.

Do parents get their twins mixed up?

Identical twins, indeed, turn quite a few heads. Although some identical twins are easier to tell apart than others, most people still want to know how parents keep them straight. Im a mom of three-year-old identical boys myself. And, I have to tell you, yes, I get them mixed up once in awhile.

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