Question: How long should a widow wait to remarry?

The widow or widower needs to be emotionally ready. An emotionally needy person will expect too much from their partner. With this understanding in mind, remarrying should happen when the person is healed and emotionally ready. In my opinion, a widow or widower should wait for a minimum of two years before remarrying.

How long after a spouse dies can you remarry?

There is no waiting period in California after one spouse dies to permit you to remarry. This means you are free to legally remarry another person anytime after your current spouse dies.

Does second wife get pension?

However second widow will not have any claim for family pension as second marriage is null and void and she is not holding the status of legally wedded wife. (viii) The eligibility of each child sharing pension along with legally wedded wife will be considered as per Rule 54(8) (iii) .

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