Question: Why are Korean actors not allowed to date?

The dating lives of Korean stars are quite complicated, as they consider it as an affair not just between two people, but with several other entities involved: the stars home agency and the fans. They also have an image to protect, which is why it makes it harder for them to date freely in public.

Who is the hottest girl in K-pop?

Its no wonder why these ladies are killing it in the the music industry and on Youtube, lets take a look at our list for the “Hottest Girls of KPOP.” Irene (Red Velvet) View this post on Instagram. Tzuyu (TWICE) Jisoo (BlackPink) Jennie (BlackPink) Hyorin. Kyungri (9MUSES) Joy (Red Velvet) Lisa (BlackPink)May 8, 2019

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