Question: What does Sugarbear do for a living?

How Much Money Does Honey Boo Boo make per episode?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Honey Boo Boo and her family earned $50,000 per episode when they were still doing their TLC series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” which aired for four seasons from 2012 to 2014. This means they ended the show with an estimated $2.75 million added to their bank account.

How much money does the cast of Honey Boo Boo make?

For their work on the TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (2012–2014), her family was paid a salary of $50,000 per episode, earning $2.75 million during the shows run .Honey Boo Boo Child Net Worth.Net Worth:$400 ThousandSalary:$50 Thousand Per Episode

What is pumpkin from Mama June net worth?

According to the 21-year-old pumpkins net worth is $ 200,000 Celebrity NetworkThis means that her cumulative income is much less than that of her 15-year-old sister.

Is Mama June and Geno still in jail?

Mama June spent nearly $1 million on drugs in one year But TMZ reports that while the reality star will be registered as an inmate, he wont actually be incarcerated. Doak, 45, and Mama June, 42, were arrested at an Alabama gas station in 2019 after a domestic dispute.

How does Mama June make money?

Mama June is currently worth close to an estimated $50,000, with the bulk of her income coming from reality television. You can watch new episodes of Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WE tv.

What job does pumpkin have?

In the first episode of this season, Pumpkin revealed that Josh has had to travel between states to find a steady job as a construction worker.

What is Pumpkins real name?

Lauryn Michelle Pumpkin Efird (nee Shannon; born January 7, 2000) is Junes 3rd daughter.

Does Alana have diabetes?

Despite having a family history of diabetes, Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson isnt one to jump at the chance to visit a doctor. But in an exclusive sneak peek at the May 21 episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption, the 15-year-old reality star received some news she wasnt hoping to hear from a medical professional.

Are June and Geno still together?

Distractify writes that as of 2021, Mama June and Geno are still together. Mama June caused a stir on the internet when a TikTok star called @jays_worldd met up with the reality TV star in August 2021, however, the pair are seemingly just friends.

Does Mama June have to serve jail time?

Geno and June were arrested together in 2019, but June will not have to serve any jail time. She previously agreed to a plea deal, in which she had to serve 100 hours of community service as well as stay sober.

What does June Shannons sister Doe Doe do for a living?

Aunt doe doe is mama Junes sister. She is an aunt to Alana and the girls. She works at a bakery called Cake Box.

How much does the Mama June cast make?

According to reports, Mama June makes about $50,000 for each episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption, which was previously titled Mama June: From Hot to Not.

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