Question: Why is Westchester so expensive?

It is more expensive to live in Westchester than in Connecticut. This is due to the high Westchester property taxes. For a similarly priced home, it costs the Westchester family $28,500 a year in real estate taxes while the Connecticut family only pays $10,445 a year in real estate taxes.

Is Westchester County NY expensive?

Westchester County, N.Y. Like Long Island, this suburban region outside New York City is notably pricey for families — $99,592 on average. The area shares many of the characteristics of Nassau–Suffolk County, including high taxes ($15,589 a year on average).

What is the wealthiest suburb of New York City?

Noho, Hudson Yards, Tribeca, Central Park South and Nolita took the top five spots for most expensive—with a median sales price above $3 million dollars. In Brooklyn, Cobble Hill was the most expensive, with a median sales price of $1.6 million, followed by Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Fort Greene and Dumbo.

Where do single people live in Westchester?

White Plains, a once-sleepy city now humming with activity, is a favorite for singles of all ages. It covers 9.8 square miles in the center of Westchester, with mostly families populating the leafy outlying areas, and singles and empty-nesters living in apartments and condos in the densely populated downtown.

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