Question: Is it safe to be a prison pen pal?

Is Having a Prison Penpal Dangerous? Yes, it could be dangerous. Its not uncommon for unsuspecting outsiders to get scammed by their penpals in prison. But you need to remember that, just like the outside world, the prison is filled with all kinds of people.

How safe is it to have a prison pen pal?

Yes, it could be very dangerous. But when you know it, you know how to protect yourself (if you are not a too lonely person, in this case, I wouldnt recommend to mail them!) First, you have to protect your private post address. Some people dont, but they are wrong.

Why do people want prison pen pals?

Perhaps some are motivated to write because they want to find out more about a particular crime or even to gain a personal insight into the inmates mind and personality. However, hundreds of less infamous prisoners serving a stretch inside are just as keen to find their own pen pals.

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