Question: Do Gary and Wayne speak?

Gary Lineker and brother Wayne were once best friends but now no longer speak.

What is Gary Linekers brother called?

Wayne Lineker Gary Lineker/Brothers

Is Gary Lineker leaving the BBC?

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker signs a new contract that will keep him at the BBC until 2025.

Why did Zoe Ball request a pay cut?

Late last year, Zoe Ball requested a pay cut when agreeing a new two-year deal with the BBC at Radio 2. Her pay was cut by 28% from £1.36m in 2019/20 to £980,000 as she felt uncomfortable about the level of earnings during the pandemic. The BBC confirmed the pay cut as it issued the corporations annual report.

Who is the highest-paid person on BBC?

Gary Lineker Gary Lineker remains the BBCs top earner despite agreeing to a pay cut of just under £400,000, the broadcaster has revealed in its annual report.

Who is the BBCs highest paid star?

Gary Lineker Balls decision means Gary Lineker is once again the BBCs highest-paid star. He had already agreed to take a £390,000 pay cut to £1.36m when he signed a new contract last year to continue presenting Match of the Day.

Who is Zoe balls new boyfriend?

Michael Reed Currently, Zoe is dating boyfriend Michael Reed a 50-year-old from Kent.

Does Zoe Ball earn more than Gary Lineker?

Last year, Zoe Balls salary jumped from the £370,000 - £374,999 bracket in 2018/19 to £1,360,000 - £1,364,999 in 2019/20. Lineker remains the highest-paid on-air star at the BBC, receiving between £1,360,000 - £1,364,999, a cut of around 22% from his 2019/20 salary, which sat at between £1,750,000 and £1,754,999.

Who is the highest paid presenter on TV?

Gary Lineker Gary Lineker tops the charts again despite a recent pay cut The former England sharpshooter took a significant pay cut, from £1.75m to £1.365m, but still remains on top.

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