Question: Is Erica Dixon with her baby daddy?

Erica Dixon has now revealed the father of her twins More than a year later, Dixon has finally shown off the father of her twins. For Halloween 2020, she posted a photo online of them and their kids dressed up as The Addams Family.

Who is Erica Dixon new baby daddy?

Erica Dixon Baby Daddy Erica Dixon gave birth to one daughter with rapper Lil Scrappy. Their daughters name is Emani Richardson.

Is Erica Dixon and scrappy still together?

Most fans of the show remember how their engagement went left. Erica feels Scrappys infidelities and her issues with Momma Dee made the relationship hard to fix. So they went their separate ways, and Scrappy is now married to Bambi with another baby on the way. Erica has also moved on romantically.

Who did Scrappy cheat on Bambi with?

But things didnt work out and Scrappy ended up in a relationship with Bambi. However, Erica claims he cheated on Bambi with her in a hotel room. And Bambi would have her own issues with Scrappy outside of Erica, leading to them breaking up.

Why is The Little Mermaid VHS banned?

The unfortunate mistake was on the cover for about a year, when in 1990 an employee at a grocery store chain pulled the videos from their shelves because a customer complained about the inappropriate castle spire. The customer contacted Disney about the issue, and the cover art was changed.

Did Bambi sleep with Kirk?

It should be noted that both Bambi and Kirk maintain nothing happened between the two of them, but its unclear if Kirk had involvement with any of Bambis friends that she brought with her. Bambis explanation of being in the hot tub dismisses any notion that shes guilty of anything.

Who is the highest paid on Love & Hip Hop?

1. Yandy Smith Harris - $15 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Yandy Smith Harris has a net worth of approximately $15 million. This immense amount makes her the highest-earning actor on Love and Hip Hop.

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