Question: How do you identify a Ludwig Supraphonic?

How can you tell Ludwig Supraphonic?

1970: Lud-a-loy stickers added to inside of shell, a few Supraphonic 400 snares are made with brass shells and can be identified by the letters B or BR stamped by the muffler, and by modified shorter blue and olive badges.

Where is the serial number on drums?

The model number of the drum is on the LEFT (IE: TT-912Y). The serial number will always be to the RIGHT of the model number.

Where is the serial number on a marimba?

0:160:25How to find the serial number on a percussion instrument - YouTubeYouTube

How can you tell the difference between birch and maple?

The large rays are fully twice as wide as the largest pores. In maple the rays are less distinct, and the largest are about the same width as the largest pores. ninute holes on the end grain and as fine grooves on dressed faces of a board. The pores in birch are considerably larger than the pores in beech or maple.

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