Question: How do you request a song for MAGIC?

Want to hear your favourite song? Send Emma an email on with Packed Lunch Request in the subject line. Let us know which song you want us to play – but also tell us why you want us play it! Then keep an ear out – you might hear your request played out on the show.

How do I contact MAGIC?

The Studio. To call the Magic Radio studio: 03 444 777 888 (Calls charged at national rate. If you have minutes for national numbers included in your calling plan, calls to this number will use those minutes.) To text the Magic Radio studio: Send a text to 61054, starting your message with the word MAGIC.

How do you request a song?

Most radio stations have a website and pages for a show on that station. Submit a request through a form. More and more stations set up an electronic form to request a song. The form will typically ask for your name, email, location, and information about what type of music you like.

How do I email Magic FM?

Get your requests in on, or text MAGIC followed by your message to 61054.

Can I send my song to radio stations?

To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations. Youll then need to promote your song to them using a combination of press releases or one-sheets, phone calls, and faxes.

How do I get my music on soundcity?

Music SubmissionName * First. Last.Stage Name *Phone Number *Your Email Address *Biography (Do Include Reason Why Record Should be Playlisted) *YouTube (or Soundcloud or Audiomack) Preview Link *Audio Download Link (Google Drive, Dropbox) *Production Credit *More items

Was make me a winner won today?

Shelley Humphries scooped the massive prize after winning Heart Radios Make Me A Millionaire competition on Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holdens breakfast show on Friday (May 28).

How do I submit a song to gagasi FM?

Submit Your MusicABOUT YOU.FIRST NAME*LAST NAME*EMAIL*CONTACT NO*ABOUT THE TRACK.UPLOAD YOUR SUBMISSION* The file must be in MP3 format and smaller than 8MB (320kbps) in filesize. Radio edits only (no explicit lyrics) Songs longer than 4 min will not be considered. TRACK TITLE*More items

Where can I send my music to get heard?

Now that you know how to submit your track, lets go over where to submit your track to.13 Places Where You Can Submit Your Music.Blogs. Hype Machine Blogs. Spotify Playlist Submission Forms. Playlist Curators. Labels. A&R. SubmitHub.More items

How do I submit a music video to my live amp?

If you have music videos that you would like to see on TV, send them to with the subject line “Bubbling Under.”

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