Question: Is it possible to get married in Africa?

To get married in Africa can be relatively straightforward, depending on the country you choose. Kenya and South Africa are some of the more popular African countries in which to exchange your vows, while North African countries involve more paperwork but if you are patient then it is possible to get married there.

How do people in Africa get married?

African marriage systems do share several characteristics. They almost always involve the transfer of bridewealth—cash, goods, or services—from the groom or his family to the brides family. This exchange is both real and symbolic, as it marks the womans passage from one social group to the other.

When can you get married in Africa?

Documents: Valid ten-year passports, birth certificates. If applicable: decree absolute issued at least six months previously (if divorced) or death and marriage certificate (if widowed). Minimum age: 18 years. If bride is under 18, the approval of her father is needed.

Can 2 foreigners marry in South Africa?

Non-resident couples may get a South African marriage license if they follow the procedures. Marriage in South Africa is a legally binding contract. The South African Marriage Act of 1961 and the Civil Union Act of 2006 govern marriages in the country.

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