Question: Why do I go hot and cold in relationships?

There are many reasons a person blows hot and cold. It could be that they are not ready for a committed relationship; they dont know what they want; they are not sure what to do about their intense feelings for you; or they are emotionally unstable or unavailable.

Why do I feel so cold towards my boyfriend?

It exists because we feel hurt by, angry with, or scared of our partner and because we havent found a cathartic way to tell ourselves or them about it. Tuning out isnt inevitable, its a symptom of disavowed emotional distress. Its a way of coping. Were internally numbed – not just a touch bored.

Why is he being hot and cold?

Hes trying to take things slowly. If youve just started dating and hes blowing hot and cold with you, he might just be trying to pace things. He might be worried that if you rush things or see each other too much in the early days, things will burn out quickly and itll be over before it can really start.

What does it mean if your relationship with someone has become cold?

Sometimes relationships go cold because one or both partners have immature skills for coping with feelings. Splitting is a defense mechanism that young children use when they dont get what they want. Most people outgrow splitting over time, but it is not uncommon for it to continue through the young adult years.

How do I reconnect with my boyfriend?

9 Easy Ways To Reconnect In Your RelationshipDont wait to ask for help. Say youre sorry more. Being right doesnt matter as much as being in love. Connect with feelings. Learn to validate yourself. Stay curious about your partner and ask before you assume. Set clear boundaries.More items •19 Oct 2020

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