Question: What makes someone a cheapskate?

The cheapskate is the person who rarely -- or never -- picks up a tab; who never chips in enough when the bill is split. Imagine a dime sitting on top of a silver dollar: In a Venn diagram, the frugal people would be represented by the silver dollar; the subset of them that are cheapskates would be the dime.

Is miserliness a mental illness?

Psychoanalysis explains miserliness as a “trait” that rises within the human to reduce his anxiety. This means that the behavior of a miser is the result of mental illness, sourced from early childhood, especially in the “Anal Stage” which is one of the psychological development stages of the child.

Whats another word for cheapskate?

What is another word for cheapskate?meanmiserlyacquisitivethriftytight-fistedstingyuncharitablefrugaltightmingy104 more rows

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