Question: Is Min Seol A alive?

For starters, Min Seol Ah died in Penthouse. Seol Ah is Su Ryeons biological daughter who was separated at birth, all thanks to Joo Dan Tae. There are some minor characters dying here and there, but you wont feel so sad for them. Karma had it coming for them.

Is Min Seol A alive in Season 2?

At the end of episode 12, Oh Yoon Hee decides to take her life as atonement for the death of Shim Soo Ryeons daughter Min Seol Ah (Jo Soo Min). Viewers were left with a scene of Oh Yoon Hees scarf blowing in the wind, but some believe this is proof that she is alive.

Who really killed Min Seol A?

Oh Yoon-hee [아시아경제 김봉주 기자] Jinbeom who killed Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min) in the SBS drama “Penthouse” aired on the 21st was revealed as Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin). Seo Hye Rin. 2.

Does BAE Rona die?

He did the filling bidding and killed Bae Ro Na. He could have saved her or call for help or an ambulance, but no. Joo Dan Tae, being the manipulator, witnessed Ha Eun Byeol attacking Bae Ro Na and fleeing from the scene. He took advantage and killed her.

Did Oh Yoon Hee really killed Min Seol A?

Why did Oh Yoon Hee kill Min Seol Ah? As much as fans feel betrayed and enraged, the writers made the killer Oh Yoon Hee. Her reason was simple and bad. Alcohol did it and her blind devotion towards her daughter.

Is Logan Lee dead?

Logically, theres almost no way Logan is still alive after his car exploded. He was standing right next to it when it happened, and it was a big explosion. But Penthouse has a knack for plot twists that seem almost impossible, so if Logan is alive, we wouldnt be too surprised. After all, there was no body found.

Who really killed Bae Rona?

Dante reveals that Ha Eun Byeol killed Bae Rona, and we see a visual of Joo Dante pulling the oxygen pulling the plug in the hospital that fateful day.

Who stabbed Shim Su Ryeon?

Dan Tae Shim Soo Ryeons demise (Episode 20) As planned, shes lured to the penthouse after the housekeeper informs her that Dan Tae has taken the children away. She tries to look for him in their secret room but ends up being stabbed in the dark twice by Dan Tae who ends up framing Yoon Hee as the killer.

Is Logan Lee the PE teacher?

Another big shocker comes when we discover Seol Ah has a stepbrother and its none other than Cheong Ah Arts High Schools PE teacher Gu Ho Dong, A.K.A. rich businessman Logan Lee. When they were children, Logans parents adopted Seol Ah to be his donor for a bone marrow transplant.

How did Bae Rona survive?

Bae Ro Na is alive! As the season progresses, we learn that it was Shim Su Ryeon who had kept Bae Ro Na alive after Joo Dan Tae tried to sabotage her life by pulling out her breathing tube.

Who killed NA Aegyo?

Episode 8: A dramatic rescue Episode 8 ended with another thrilling moment: Logan Lee and Oh Yoon Hees rescue of Na Ae Gyo after she was strangled by Joo Dan Tae.

Is Logan Lee good or bad?

In a stunning plot twist, it is revealed that Logan Lee is in fact, Gu Ho Dong, and he has come to Korea to avenge his sister Min Seol As death. Nobody is innocent and spotlessly clean in The Penthouse, in fact, the more good he/she appears, the more the chances are of a devil lurking inside them.

Who stabbed Bae Rona?

Cheon Seo Jin tells Ha Yoon Chul to take Ha Eun Byeol to America and settle her there, till she doesnt settle scores with Dante. As the father-daughter duo are leaving, the police arrest Ha Yoon Chul for killing Bae Rona.

Is Logan Lee Min Seol a brother?

3. Gu Ho Dong, or Logan Lee, Was Revealed to Be Min Seol As Stepbrother (Episode 12) Then he turns into… the rich businessman, Logan Lee.

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