Question: Who is Danny ODonoghue dating now-girlfriends?

Danny from The Script and his girlfriend Suzana Buuron in nyc but the couple keep a low profile. Brazilian beauty is an architect and always keeps a low profile about her boyfriend from the UKs most beloved band.

Is Danny out of the script married?

THE Scripts Danny ODonoghue has split from girlfriend Anne De Paula - with his sister branding her disrespectful in a furious rant online.

What age is Danny O Donoghue?

40 years (October 3, 1980) Danny ODonoghue/Age

Who is supporting The Script 2020?

Becky Hill The tour took place in February and March 2020 with support from Becky Hill. The band, made up of Danny ODonoghue, Mark Sheehan, and Glen Power, performed across the UK, including shows in Nottingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newcastle.

What is Dolly Parton worth today?

Forbes estimates her catalog, which she owns all of, is worth about $150 million. Her entry into the world of amusement parks was another wise decision. In 1986, she sought to take some of the millions shed earned as a country star and invest in her hometown.

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